Our team is gathered around the vision of helping people take next steps in their journey of faith.



Peter grew up in the North East as the son of a pastor, and grew up watching his parents serve the local church. It was during the summer of his Sophomore year of High School that Peter felt God leading him to dedicate his life to the local church. During college he had a class with this beautiful woman name Tiffany. After she fell head over heels for him, they got married and the rest is history! Together they have three kids, Noah, Grace, & Leah.

Peter is a graduate from Philadelphia Biblical University and Biblical Theological Seminary. While at Biblical Seminary, He spent significant amount of time studying what it means for the local church to both strategic and missional in their community. He and Tiffany have spent 14 years in full time ministry and are passionate about seeing people connect with God in a real & authentic way. Peter’s desire is to see people trust God with their life and live their life in a way that impacts their community for Jesus. He is the author of an e-book, “Empowered- Discover how you can engage in the mission of God”.

If he’s not spearfishing, over at crescent beach with his family, or doing DIY projects, you’d probably find him at home enjoying a cup of cold brew coffee with Tiffany or trying to make his three wild and crazy kids bust a gut laughing at his antics.

Peter and his wife Tiffany started Hope City Church to help people take their next steps in their journey of faith. This is more than a job, this is a passion, it’s a mission for the both Tiffany and Peter.


Justin Lanham

Youth Pastor

Being #FORtheNextGeneration is a passion that runs deep here at Hope City. Justin oversees our student ministry from 6-12th grade and looks to create opportunities to connect the next generation to Christ!

Have questions about how we can get your students plugged in?

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Matt Leicht

Worship Director

Here at Hope City, we believe that God is the creator of everything and has given us so much. We have every reason to worship God and declare His worth. Matt leads a team each and every week that helps our community engage the heart of God through worship.

Interested in learning more about our worship ministry?

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Meagan Whitt

Hope City Kids Director

Hope City Kids is a place where Faith, Fun, and Adventure await. We have dozens of people who are #FORtheNextGeneration on the Hope City Kids team. Tiffany leads those leaders to make a difference in our kids lives here at Hope City.

Do you have a passion to help the next generation?

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Tiffany Gowesky

Women’s Ministry Director

Hope City Kids is a place where Faith, Fun, and Adventure await. We have dozens of people who are #FORtheNextGeneration on the Hope City Kids team. Tiffany leads those leaders to make a difference in our kids lives here at Hope City.

Do you have a passion to help the next generation?

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Robyn McAlpine

Office Administrator

Details matter. There are so many little details that go into each week. Robyn works to make all these details fall into place, from organization to events, Robyn always makes sure that everything is right on track.

Do you love the details?

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Missy Cooper

Connect Groups Coordinator

The most meaningful times in life are when you are meaningfully connected with God and others! Connect Groups offer that experience in a way that enriches your life. Missy loves to see people get connected here at Hope City.

Interested in joining or leading a connect group?

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Liz Taylor

Creative Director

God is incredibly creative.  We see that everywhere we turn.  This is why we are so passionate about being creative here at Hope City.  We believe that our creativity mimics the heart of God.  Liz is one of the most creative people you’ll ever meet, and she inspires our church to be more creative with everything she touches.

Have a flair for the creative?

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Jen Ruffin

Reach Coordinator

Being #FORsarasota is not just a hashtag, it is a mission, it is a part of our pulse here at Hope City. We believe that following Jesus should make a difference in the way we live, and our lives should make a difference in the place we live. Jen supports our Reach team and all of our community initiatives.

Do you have a drive to love our neighbors in Sarasota?

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Cassidy Rickrode

Interim Hospitality and Service Coordinator

Relationships matter. For too long Church has been a place where people go, rather than a place people connect. Cassidy works hard to ensure that Hope City is a place where you can Find Hope, and Experience Home, whether that’s pouring you a cup of cold brew, or helping you over at Next Steps, her team is ready to serve you and your friends. At Hope City, we believe that church should be enjoyed and not endured. This is why we purposefully create opportunities for people to come together and connect with one another.


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Ryan Ott

Roadies Coordinator

We don’t wait for people to come to us, we take church to the people. This is why we set up and transform a school into an environment where people can connect with God and others. Our Roadies team, led by Ryan, is a group of people who are first in, and last out each and every week. They do this so that people can encounter God in a distraction free environment that allows them to take their next steps in their journey of faith.

Want to help us take church to the people?

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Aaron D'Amico

Vocal Coordinator

If you’ve ever showed up to Hope City and said, man, the band sounded good, chances are Aaron had something to do with it. Aaron has the musical gift of voice. She has an amazing ability to lead a room as well as teach vocal parts to the rest of our band. Aaron oversees all of the vocals for our musicians.

Interested in singing at Hope City?

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Brandon Rickrode

Worship Coordinator

Music is a large part of the culture at Hope City. Brandon ensures that all the little details are taken care of. From assisting with administrative tasks, to charting out new songs for the band Brandon covers it all.

Interested in joining the worship team?

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Are you new to Hope City? Have questions about how you get connected to the church? Interested in learning more about our community? Pastor Peter would love to grab a coffee and get to know you better. Click the link to find a time that works for you.